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Full Service Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Design, Build & Maintenance.

For almost 50 years Heuch has been empowering business and communities, to be self-sufficient and economically sustainable by providing excellent engineering solutions.

Heuch is a manufacturing and service company specialising in refrigeration, cooling, heating and environment control.  We design and build customised refrigeration, heating and cooling products for industry to meet the operating needs of our customers. We also provide a standard range of refrigeration, heating and cooling products suitable for industry and for communities without access to traditional power supply. Additionally, we provide service and maintenance for all users of refrigeration, heating and cooling plants.

Heuch has an enviable track record in supporting businesses and communities with a mission-critical reliance on refrigeration, heating and cooling equipment. Our specialist knowledge, pragmatic approach and commitment to customer service means that we can be relied upon to keep such businesses and communities operating.

Heuch works across industry including the sectors of defence, mining, plastics, printing, petrochem, pharmaceutical, food and food production, research, disaster relief and remote services. We are driven by our core values: providing engineering solutions which are built to last, being pragmatic, finding new ways to solve our partners’ problems and searching for new products and new methods.

These values have led Heuch to its latest innovations: a range of solar powered refrigeration and cooling products to assist businesses and communities in remote locations or locations where traditional grid or generator power is not available. These values also differentiate from our competitors in the way we go about our work.

In manufacturing we seek to:

  • Be Agile in our engineering design to develop products to fulfil customer needs
  • Take a holistic view of the engineering outcomes
  • Be committed to fully investigate customer needs and working with our customers to provide optimal solutions
  • Combine innovation with a pragmatic approach to provide products for a sustainable future

In service and maintenance, we seek to

  • Draw upon our depth of knowledge and real experience in crafting refrigeration solutions to realise quick, cost effective service and maintenance solutions
  • Be responsive
  • Focus on the importance of business continuity to our customers
  • Apply our knowledge provided by real time engineering to the benefit of our customers


Our Solar Panel Refrigeration Container is a world first, providing instant profit improvement through:
  • cutting out operating costs
  • eliminating fuel logistics and/or generators
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