Middle East Pump & Tank Skid

In 2009 HEUCH PTY LTD built a Pump and Tank Skid to match the water chiller for the Middle East project. This pump skid used sea water to cool down the cooling water for a furnace application. To resist the harsh corrosive environments created by sea water AISI 316 Stainless steel and titanium were chosen for the components.

The main components within the cooling water pump skid were:

The skid was fitted with 2 electrical, multistage centrifugal non self-priming pumps. These were fitted with Siemens motors and mechanical shaft seals. They were enclosed to an IP55 rating and insulated to Class F.

Plate Heat Exchangers
The skid contained titanium heat exchangers. This allowed good heat transfer between the furnace and the Sea Water while providing the necessary durability

Strainers were located in the furnace return line. This catches the unwanted system particles and debris.

Expansion Tanks
An expansion tank is placed into the system to allow for thermal expansion of the process fluid due to temperature fluctuations in the system.

Dosing Pot
This is used to dose the system with biocides and inhibitors to minimize the propagation of bacteria and to reduce corrosion and scale


Location: Middle East