Middle East Water Chiller

In 2005 and then again in 2009 HEUCH PTY LTD were asked to build water chillers for Furnace applications in the Middle East. This process involved cooling de-mineralised water in the chiller for use in cooling electronics. This application required the highest quality components to prevent any contamination of the sensitive electronics and the chiller had to be built to survive one of the hottest climates in the world.

Contained within the chiller were the following components


316 Stainless Steel

Process Pump

Multi Stage Electrically driven centrifugal pump with a three phase, two pole, fan cooled squirrel cage motor. The pump was also made of stainless steel to an IP 55 enclosure rating and class F Insulation rating.

Buffer Tank

A Small stainless steel buffer tank was located on the process water return line. This tank stabilises thermal fluctuations of the cooling water, ensures consistent flow through the heat exchanger as well as aiding control of particulate contaminants in the water system.

Heat Exchangers

Multiple Stainless Steel plate heat exchangers were chosen to transfer heat between the refrigeration and cooling water circuits. Multiple circuits allow a variable cooling load providing a superior control of the process temperature.


The compressors are 4 cylinder reciprocating, single stage, semi-hermetic type.  A number of safety switches are built into the compressor. In addition vibration eliminators are fitted to the discharge pipework to reduce noise.


The condenser coil block was made out of copper tubes that are expanded into copper fins to increase the heat transfer area.


The unit is controlled with a PLC that includes a front panel mounted display monitor. This allows the user to control the system. It can also be controlled remotely if that is deemed necessary.


Location: Middle East