21st April 2017

CSIRO Cool, Cold and Warm Room

In November 2008, Heuch commissioned a series of cool rooms, cold rooms and warm rooms fro use by the CSIRO. The area contained biohazards materials used for laboratory work. As a result, the cool and cold rooms had to be …
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16th March 2017

Outside Broadcasting Vehicles ABC

Heuch was commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to implement the environmental temperature controls for their outside broadcasting vehicles. Major cultural and sporting events are broadcast to national and international audiences by a fleet of 8 mobile broadcasting studios …
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23rd February 2017

Mobile Air Conditioners

Heuch manufacture a series of lightweight mobile air conditioning equipment, designed for Australian roads and ambient extremes. Each component as been selected for its suitability to withstand the stresses found on off road vehicles used over rugged terrain. Equipment strengths …
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2nd February 2017

RAAF – Heuch Utility Tricon

Heuch have been operating alongside the Australian Defence Force since 1970 and one of the many projects commissioned was the Heuch Utility Tricon. The Heuch Utility Tricon is designed for flexible support of personnel in remote areas and can be …
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23rd January 2017

Coastal Off-shore Container Refrigeration

We manufacture specialised containers including models for of-shore platform supply and re-supply. The containers are designed to be stocked on shore and then delivered to off-shore platforms on a revolving cycle. Continuous refrigeration is provided whenever the container is connect …
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24th November 2016

University Environmental Chamber

In 2003, Heuch was engaged by Munters Australia to provide engineering and equipment support for the installation of a new environmental chamber to be constructed at the University of South Australia in Adelaide for ongoing research and development programs involving athletes …
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23rd October 2016

Refrigeration for Airborne Electronics

Heuch Engineers provided engineering and manufacturing services to a Defence Industry Prime Contractor for the development of an on-board cooling system for suspended airborne test equipment The rigorous specification included 0% to 100% capacity control, minimal power consumption, shock load …
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9th September 2016
Heuch National Gallery of Victoria Transportation

Cool Art

To ensure the longevity of paintings, sculptures and other artifacts, they are stored and displayed in an environment where humidity and temperature are controlled; the requirements are the same in transport. When masterpieces by artists like Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd …
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26th August 2016
Heuch Darwin Mt Isa Microwave Telecommunications System

Darwin Mt Isa Microwave Telephone System

In 1974 Heuch was selected to design a refrigerated ice bank air conditioning system to maintain a constant temperature in the equipment shelters of the Darwin Mt Isa Microwave Telephone System. We utilised an ice bank storage to nullify the …
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19th August 2016
Heuch Cool Room For Hazardous Goods Facility

Cool Room for Hazardous Goods Facility

In 2010/2011 Heuch was asked to build a cold storage facility for a major hazardous facility (MHF) in Altona. As a major hazardous facility, this site faced considerably stricter safety standards and operating protocols than a commercial facility. This presented …
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15th July 2016
Heuch Solar Powered Milk Vat

Solar Powered Milk Vat

Heuch has recently designed a purpose built Solar Powered Milk Vat. This has been developed specifically for small to medium dairy farmers who operate without reliable electricity connections. 100% solar powered, the system produces ice throughout the day creating an ice …
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9th June 2016
Heuch Middle East Pump and Tank Skid. Water Chiller.

Middle East Pump & Tank Skid

In 2009 HEUCH PTY LTD built a Pump and Tank Skid to match the water chiller for the Middle East project. This pump skid used sea water to cool down the cooling water for a furnace application. To resist the …
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12th May 2016
Heuch Middle East Water Chiller. Industrial Engineering

Middle East Water Chiller

In 2005 and then again in 2009 HEUCH PTY LTD were asked to build water chillers for Furnace applications in the Middle East. This process involved cooling de-mineralised water in the chiller for use in cooling electronics. This application required …
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22nd April 2016
Heuch Environmental Test Chamber. Engineering.

Environmental Test Chamber

This Environmental Test Chamber & associated equipment was designed, constructed, installed & commissioned by Heuch. This Test Chamber was featured in a segment of ABC’s Catalyst program, presenting the Chambers use as a testing enviroment for Australian Defence Force uniforms. …
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9th March 2016
Heuch Environmental Altitude Room. Victoria University.

Environmental Altitude Room

HEUCH PTY LTD were engaged at Victoria University to provide two Environmental rooms that provide simulated conditions as desired by the users of the room. The room offers the users the ability to set the humidity and temperature of the …
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5th February 2016
Heuch Engineering Projects Hazardous Area Compressor

Hazardous Area Compressor

The Heuch DM12911 Hazardous Area Compressor Range, DM12911 01-12, are a series of 12 reciprocating compressor and electric motor variants, directly coupled within a sealed cast iron housing. The compressors are certified under Certificate of Conformance ITA 13.0020X for use …
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27th January 2016
Heuch Containerised Drive Chiller. Mining Industry

Containerised Drive Chiller

This Containerised Drive Chiller unit was provided to Västmanland, SWEDEN for a Drive Cooling application at a mine site in Rampura Agucha Province India in 2014. The Heuch ISO-HABB Drive Chiller range is engineered to provide variable cooling capacity to water-cooled …
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LAND 400 Phase 2 decision revealed

After months of anticipation, Defence Connect can reveal that Rheinmetall Australia has been selected as the successful tenderer for the hotly-contested LAND 400 Phase 2 program. Rheinmetall’s bid, comprising of the Boxer CRV, has beaten out BAE Systems Australia AMV-35 offering. The …
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Victorian technology company wins export contract for Boxer program

A Dandenong company’s revolutionary transportable power and dehumidification packs will go into service with Rheinmetall’s Boxer Infantry Fighting Vehicles in Lithuania. Rheinmetall Defence Australia and Victoria’s Heuch, which has been a supplier to the Australian Defence Force since shortly after its …
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