Our award winning solar refrigeration solutions cut out operating costs & eliminate fuel logistics. Making them the perfect partner for any environment, climate or application.

Heuch is the manufacturing partner of Black Stump Technologies and offers a wide range of redeployable, permanent and semi-permanent solar power refrigeration solutions to suit any environment. Together, we have designed our solar refrigeration systems to be offered in two styles: either containerised or flat packed. Where containers are impractical, cool room and solar arrays can be delivered flat packed and then assembled on site.

Our solar power range includes ice makers, chillers, cool rooms, dryers, remote refrigeration and freezer containers. We also work alongside the public and private sectors to help empower communities and aid in disaster relief services. Working together with our engineers, we can also modify the container designs to cater to your individual requirements.

For our work, Heuch has been awarded the Innovator of the Year for the 2016 HVAC – R Leadership Awards in Sydney for the world’s first 100 per cent solar powered refrigeration containers. You can view our award winning solar power refrigerator here.

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