Heuch first developed a solar power rail container for transporting chocolate across the harsh and unforgiving Australian desert from Melbourne to Perth over 10 years ago. Since then we have expanded even further into the food processing industry to include services in refrigeration, manufacturing, processing and ripening facilities for a multitude of clients.

We also have key partnerships both locally and internationally in Europe. This ensures we stay on top of the latest industry trends and technologies and pass this knowledge and cutting edge technology straight to you!

Our focus is entirely on your business and how we can help provide a solution that covers the complete cold chain cycle. From harvest to processing to storage. Click one of the below for further information.

For further information and contact details on our Australian Ecotop Ripening Systems please go to www.ecotop.com.au

We work alongside the food processing industry via a number of other channels as well including:

  • Processing and manufacturing chocolates, vegetables and meat products
  • Research and development including long term stability rooms
  • Cool rooms and freezer rooms for short and long term storage
  • Reticulated cold water systems for processing of field vegetables
  • Water tank and pump systems
  • Cooling of jacketed process vessel
  • And many more.

To see how Heuch can partner you with your application requirements simply contact us on +61 3 9793 6088.