Vacuum cooling is the fastest and most cost-effective cooling system for “oven-hot” rolls, bread, cakes and pastries in the bakery sector. Our vacuum cooler is designed according to the prevailing requirements of vacuum cooling and is suitable for 1,2 or 3 rack trolleys or thermo roll containers. It helps you produce more and better bread in your bakery on less space.

Vacuum cooling not only cooled but also continue the gelatinisation of the starch and denaturation of the protein. This reduces the baking time by up to 40%. In addition, the evaporation of residual water in the bread completes and makes the product crispier with greater longevity. It also brings greater volume and better aroma spread to the bread. Thanks to the great shortened cooling duration and reduction in baking time achieved by our vacuum cooling technology, you are able to save enormous baking power and undergo further processing immediately such as filling , icing, cutting and packaging.


Vacuum pre-cooling extracts heat from the produce by evaporating a little of the products own moisture, thus reducing its temperature.The system works also perfectly for pre-packed (not air tight) produce. It is ideal for cooling your produce & flowers directly after harvesting, and is the only real option for vacuum cooling packed products at airports, both on the departing and arrival side. Loads with different temperatures are all cooled down to the desired temperature level, without the risk of freezing.


  •  Caters to all bread types
  •  Reduction in cooling time & baking time
  •  Bring better taste, greater volume and spread aromas more evenly
  •  Retrogradation is slower
  •  Longer shelf-life due to less microbiological contamination
  •  More daily production with less space requirements
  • Enormous reduction in energy cost
  •  Environmentally-friendly water cooling
  •  With or without water cycle
  •  Connection to heat recovery possible
  •  Product cooling from inside out