We have vast knowledge and experience in HVAC -R requirements in remote area, high ambient temperature locations and uniquely harsh environments making us the perfect partner for your HVAC-R project within the mining sectors.

We want to keep our clients in business through seamless operations, reliability and serviceability. With our in-depth understanding of this industry and full support offerings throughout programmed maintenance services, we can ensure the longest useful life of your equipment regardless of whether it is offshore, above or underground.


This Containerised Drive Chiller unit was provided to Västmanland, SWEDEN for a Drive Cooling application at a mine site in Rampura Agucha Province India in 2014.

The Heuch ISO-HABB Drive Chiller range is engineered to provide variable cooling capacity to water-cooled drives and heat exchanger assemblies.

The Drive Chillers are supplied as a packaged system for easy turnkey installation. The air-cooled refrigerated units consist of all equipment, instrumentation and auxiliary components required for safe and functional operation.

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