We originally began our manufacturing and servicing career for the transport industry in 1970, before diversifying into various other industries. This proud legacy continues today as we still specialise in the transport industry with our refrigeration services for manufacturing and production, but have also expanded into ruggedized equipment for the Australian Defence Force.

We understand that in the transport industry, every minute and every kilowatt counts.


Heuch was commission by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to implement the environmental temperature controls for their outside broadcasting vehicles.

The maintenance of constant temperature control in four separate zones is provided by a twin circuit, Heuch customised air-conditioning system with contingent redundancy for backup. The vehicle used triple rear axle assemblies with air bag suspension. Extra space was provided by expanding sides on the side of the trailer with access at either end. A hydraulic levelling system was installed with actuators in each corner. An extensive locker system for cables and equipment was placed between the main air conditioning sections in the lower, under floor sections.

To ensure the longevity of paintings, sculptures and other artifacts, they are stored and displayed in an environment where humidity and temperature are controlled; the requirements are the same in transport. When masterpieces by artists like Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd or Russell Drysdale move around Victoria and interstate, they need a controlled, protected environment to move in.