Cool Room for Hazardous Goods Facility

In 2010/2011 Heuch was asked to build a cold storage facility for a major hazardous facility (MHF) in Altona. As a major hazardous facility, this site faced considerably stricter safety standards and operating protocols than a commercial facility. This presented extra design challenges to the Heuch engineers.

Some of the challenges faced included:

  • All electrical equipment must be classified to a Zone 1 hazardous area level,
  • The cool room required a hoist with the ability to move heavy products inside the room. To minimise the risk of sparks potentially igniting an explosive atmosphere, an air driven pneumatic hoist was chosen,
  • Fire extinguisher and spillage clean up materials must be located within 10m of the facility,
  • A new safety shower within 10m of the main room,
  • A bunded plant area sufficient to cater for a leakage of all goods within the facility was required,
  • 3m exclusion zone from the bund.

A welded steel, galvanised structure was installed to support the cool room panels, carry the fan/coil cooling units and the two monorails that would be used for lifting the cylinders. This structure was fitted with Kingspan panels. These panels were exposed to the local environment and the roof was sloped so that rainwater drained away from the coolroom and no pooling of rainwater occurred.

The air-cooled refrigeration equipment was placed in a custom built colorbond room located outside the bund area. A Form 1 electrical cubicle was located inside this room and also rated to both an IP65 standard and to operate in a hazardous environment. The control of the coolroom conditions is by an operator interface panel located inside this room.

A preventative programmed maintenance schedule was implemented with 3 monthly non-invasive inspections and annual pre-summer services.

A comprehensive dossier was provided at the completion of the project including operating and maintenance manual, MSDS for refrigerant and lubricants, hazardous component certificates, wiring, P.I and general arrangement drawings.

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University Environmental Chamber

In 2003, Heuch was engaged by Munters Australia to provide engineering and equipment support for the installation of a new environmental chamber to be constructed at the University of South Australia in Adelaide for ongoing research and development programs involving athletes and various other personnel.

The equipment was manufactured in Melbourne, where it was matched to a master system by Munters. Heuch personnel attended site for the commissioning and testing after installation by University contractors.

Continuous site monitoring during this period was provided by direct connection between the unit controller and the Heuch Service Network. This allowed for quick and effective tuning of control loops and allowed Heuch Service Engineers ready assessment of potential areas by the monitoring software.

The installed equipment controls the room temperature anywhere between -10oc and + 40oc. A single semi hermetic refrigeration service compressor with a variable speed drive and electronic discharge bypass provided 0% to 100% unloading as required. This arrangement provided the maximum possible capacity turndown.

The equipment was split into four separate sections. There was a fan / coil unit, a packaged air cooled refrigeration service unit, an electrical control cubicle and an air distribution sock for the room.

The package consisted of:

  • A vapour tight housing made of 100mm sandwich panel. The housing has inlet and outlet flanges as removable panels to provide access for filter removal and general maintenance.
  • A return air roughing panel filter.
  • An evaporator coil with aluminium fins, copper tube and aluminium frames. This also allowed for a defrost cycle, as necessary, for operation at 0oc and +5oc room temperatures with high humidity.
  • A centrifugal belt driven air circulation fan.
  • The air cooled condensing unit was supplied on a common skid base and consisted of a large air cooled condenser, compressor assembly and all necessary refrigeration service components.

The compressor is speed controllable between 750 and 1750 RPM with electronic discharge bypass used to further reduce the cooling capacity and give full capacity control over the full operating temperature range. The air cooled condenser with multiple fans and epoxy coated fins will be cycled in response to the compressor discharge temperature.

A replaceable filter / dryer with upstream service valve was installed to allow for pump down of the refrigerant for ready servicing.

The following mechanical safety devices were incorporated to protect the equipment in the event of a fault condition, for example, compressor low refrigerant pressure, compressor high refrigerant pressure, compressor high discharge temperature and compressor oil pressure.

The electrical enclosure houses all the electrical equipment and has a Heuch DDC on board to communicate with the client’s input/outputs. The enclosure is constructed of heavy gauge sheet steel suitably braced to maintain rigidity and complete with hinged lockable access doors weather proofed to a IP55 standard. The enclosure houses all electrical controls and Heuch DDC equipment.

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