Automatic ice storage, transfers the generated ice in store very quickly for qick usage.

Thanks to the transmission system in the silo ice does not clump and stick to silo walls, if you had waited a little and stuck together, there is a mass of ice would have achieved if the particles safely transfer their business by separating it.

İt is not necessary to wait so long of external ice in cold storage conditions
The materials used to create a hygienic environment is stainless steel.

Immediately after the moment when the ice produced is different from the other tank is transferred to the ice bin.

Time provides advantages both to the user and labor.

Technical Information

Item: Specification:
Model Name SCR-SILO-01
Type Screw
Ice Storage Capacity 1 Ton
Chassis Monoblock Chassis
Outside Temperature 0 ℃
Dimensions (w x l x h) 960 x 1690 x 2900 mm
Weight 600 kg

Working Conditions

Item: Specification:
Energy 380V – 50Hz – 3Ph