How do solar panels work?

The Earth intercepts a lot of solar power: 173,000 terawatts. That’s 10,000 times more power than the planet’s population uses. So is it possible that one day the world could be completely reliant on solar energy?

Richard Komp examines how solar panels convert solar energy to electrical energy.

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Solar Power Refrigeration Solutions

A direct replacement for diesel powered refrigeration equipment, Heuch’s solar power units are designed to operate in the harshest and most remote environments. They are suitable for areas without a reliable grid connection, emergency services, disaster relief and defence applications.

Our award winning solar refrigeration solutions are designed to be transportable world wide and can be deployed and operating, at no cost, in minutes. There are no fuel costs or fuel quality and logistical problems that accompany current diesel solutions.

The mobile solar powered refrigerators units are supplied as turn key packages in 20′ and 40′ ISO high cube shipping containers and are fully customisable internally. +4°C and -18°C variants are available and provide 24 hour cooling in any environment.

Potential applications range from food and medical storage, post harvest, in-field pre-cooling, server rooms, research labs and morgues. Removing cooling equipment allows for offices and first aid centres, powered workshops or a uninterruptible power supply.

Read more about our solar refrigeration containers here.

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Heuch HVAC Leadership Awards Finalists

Winners announced for the 2016 HVACR Leadership Awards

By Sandra van Dijk
2 August 2016.


Winners of the 2016 HVACR Leadership Awards were formally announced at CCN Live, which was held earlier today at the Royal Randwick Racecourse.

The event, which was well-attended by a cross section of industry, opened with a keynote presentation on the latest trends in HVACR by Lux Research Asia Pacific managing director, Cort Isernhagen and Lux research director, Arij Van Berkel.

Attendees were given a broad overview of the changing HVACR landscape including the latest technologies gaining traction across the globe.

The first category to be announced was the award for 2016 Sustainability Leader. Sponsored by Heatcraft, the winner is Cold Logic technical director, Brad Semmler.

The Industry Rising Star Award, which is sponsored by ABB, went to Intrust Energy Solutions managing director, Michael Guli.

One of the most competitive categories in the awards program was the 2016 Woman of the Year in HVACR Award which was sponsored by Daikin.

The winner is Edefice director, Ania Hampton, the first woman to be appointed president of the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH).

The 2016 Emerging Leader in Energy Savings Award which is sponsored by the Australian Refrigeration Association (ARA) went to Scantec Refrigeration Technologies managing director, Stefan Jensen.

Well known as a pioneer of ammonia systems in Australia, Jensen is an accomplished engineer that has written extensively on energy efficiency benchmarking.

The next category was Innovator of the Year, an award sponsored by Temperzone.

With three finalists it was another competitive category that went to Heuch Refrigeration managing director, Steve Oakley.

The company has just commercialised the world’s first 100 per cent solar powered refrigeration containers. (You can view these here)

The final award was the HVACR Leader of the Year Award which recognises excellence in leadership.  Sponsored by Daikin, the award goes to a professional with a well established HVACR career, a professional that has contributed to the development of the industry.

The winner is the national refrigeration manager at Coles Supermarket, Stuart Saville.

We all know Saville from his work on the retailer’s Gas Loss Mitigation and Retrofit Program and his involvement in the very first installation of a transcritical C02 System at Coles.

CCN Editor, Sandra Van Dijk, thanked all of the nominees for taking part in the awards program as well as guest judge, RACCA president, Kevin O’Shea.

Full article here. 

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Heuch Solar Power Freezer Containers. Solar Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services.

Heuch Targets Fresh Produce

Australian-based company believes that solar power holds the key to overcoming cool chain challenges.

Sensing an opening for affordable and reliable cooling technologies across the globe, Australian-based company Heuch has developed a suite of solar powered refrigeration solutions.

Originally designed for humanitarian applications in disaster stricken areas, the range rings true to the company’s vision of empowering businesses and communities.

“The 100 per cent solar powered cold chain provides communities and businesses with reliable and free access to electricity and refrigeration, without the uncertainly of supply, health and monetary costs associated with diesel powered generators or creating a stable grid connection,” explained Martin Oakley, Heuch’s business development manager.

Heuch is currently working with the Indonesian government to provide an entire cold chain solution for remote fishing communities in the Asian nation, while also looking to develop a solar powered milk chiller to suit small scale dairy farmers in India.

The company made its entry into the European fresh produce market at Fruit Logistica in Berlin during February, where it showcased its solutions alongside Dutch firm BG Door.

Oakley said the company’s solar chiller was an instant hit with growers and distributors, following 18 months of research and development testing at its manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Melbourne.

“The ability to set the desired beginning of a cold chain at the point of harvest, without any additional infrastructure, was attractive to those growers focused on harvest time, whilst others, such as potato farmers, were attracted to the prospect of no cost cold storage to extend the saleable life of their product,” Oakley told Fruitnet.

“Our solar powered dryer also attracted attention from mango growers, looking for more quality and consistency in the drying of their mangoes.”

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